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Best Gaming Phone In Bangladesh 2021

2021 top  gaming phone that will help you become a pro gamer, Now is the time for mobile gaming, mobile companies are now targeting gamers, many phones have launched between 20,000-25.000 at the beginning of the year-poco, realme,redmi are the race to become the best midrange gaming phone

In fact, one of the best gaming midrange phone of 2021 in poco x3 pro,poco has a little more focus on their x series, Because of the people with x2, if you want a good quality gaming phone i will name it,poco x3 pro,

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About Xiaomi Poco x3 pro At the beginning of the year poco x3 pro took the no.1 place, flagship processor at a midrange price, the poco x3 is actually the successor to the poco f1, As a gamer, Click Here >>>Apple iPad Pro 11-Inch (2021) Specification And Review

you can go with x3 pro, the most important thing in a gaming phone is the processor, in x3 they used Qualcomm snapdragon 860 which is 7 nanometers, it allows you play pubg or free fire high settings effortlessly,

It is an IPS LCD panel but has a 120Hz smooth refresh rate, which will make your gaming movement much faster, you can browse or do anything without any lag, you can play games on this phone for a long time because of the 5160mAh battery that will last 5 hours effortlessly. another good thing about it that it gets android 11, which some flagship phones haven’t got yet.

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Along with gaming, It Can be A Camara phone This can be one of the favourite phones for those who love to do mobile photography or take more selfies, the poco x3 pro-quad-camera setup, there is a 48MP camera,

Poco’s previous phones had more camera details but now they have been able to optimize, the camera restores the picture balance, also this phone works great for video if you TikTok it doesn’t stop you from this taking it, because in 2021 you will get the impeccable camera quality of a midrange phone…

All aspects are subject to consideration poco x3 pro may be the best phone for you, you get the snapdragon 8 series processor., to put it bluntly, the flagship processor, Click Here>>>>Realme GT 5G – Flagship Killer Specification 2021

this means you can have fun with flagship phone at affordable prices, but one problem you will find is the phone is too big, which will be comfortable to hold your phone in hand, and one may feel a little overweight,

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Some Things Subject To Consideration: poco x3 pro is effortlessly a gaming beast, you ger everything at the flagship level, at least two, in other words, IPS display and plastic back, and the phone is a little bit, but you have to choose between the two, however it can be easily said that it is ahead of the 2020 min range phone in all aspects

When buying a phone, people look at an ordinary camera, processor, display, but when you go to buy a gaming phone perfectly, you have to look at the processor, because without it you can’t expect high graphics, smooth gameplay.

Well, what are the things you prefer when buying a phone? please comment …..

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