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Sensitivity For those of us who play PUBG, our target is to win a Chicken dinner anyway. But for some reason that doesn’t happen. Our game-playing skills are very good, we play games on a good device but still miss the chicken dinner, because of this PUBG Sensitivity, and for that today I will talk to you about Best Sensitivity Settings For PUBG Mobile.

Many people have a good gaming phone but can not be a Pro player due to Sensitivity Settings. Just like you need skills to be a pro player, you also need to make some perfect settings for your phone. And when everything is done correctly, then you will become a pro player.

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Sensitivity Settings For PUBG Mobile

Camera Sensitivity ( free Look )

Before you know what Sensitivity Settings works, how does Camera Sensitivity work? Camera Sensitivity helps you see the anime in front of you. When you move forward the camera and everything you see around you is due to the camera sensor.

You may have noticed that some of the players who stream PUBG live on Facebook or YouTube can kill the anime by moving quickly when two or three anime moves in front of them, this is possible due to sensitivity.

You need to pay more attention to the two aspects of Camera Sensitivity. One third-person camera and first-person camera. The third-person camera is TTP – you can see both front and back through it, you can also rotate around with the eye button.

The fast person camera is FPP, you can use the fast person camera to see only the front, not the side. All you need here is TTP, some people overdo it and some overdo it,

Exactly the Sensitivity that will be the best for you is given below.

  • 3rd Person Camera ( Character, Vehicle) TTP = 236%
  • 1st Person Camera ( Character ) FPP = 213%
  • Camera ( Parachuting ) = 222%

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You can customize this Camera Sensitivity to take your PUBG game to Pro level. Once you start using it, your game will be much faster, you will be able to move faster. And you can see the anime at the front and back at the same time. 

Camera Sensitivity settings affect your game in many more ways, I can fully understand it using the I button. In order to do well in gaming, you have to look at everything. 3rd Person No Scope Settings If you set it to zero, you’ll see you can’t move, there’s an anime next to you, you can’t do anything,

If you keep the 3rd Person No Scope in full bloom, you will not be able to control it. You need to keep the balance of the settings. Red Dot. For. 

As a result, you can control the game. And I will only mention the TTP Settings here.

  • TTP 3rd Person No Scope: 179%
  • TTP Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 73%
  • 2x Scope : 49%
  • 3x Scope Win94: 22%
  •  4x Scope, VSS 22%
  • 6x Scope 16%
  • 8x Scope 15 %
  • TTP Aim 40%

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ADS Sensitivity

The most inept sensitivity is ADS Sensitivity. It can be a game-changer. Many people don’t know about it, how it works, it actually helps to fire by turning the song, when there are two animes side by side, you can turn and fire both.

And if you don’t do these Sensitivity settings properly, you will never be able to change the position of the target. In that case, you are likely to be damaged. So you have to do this ADS Sensitivity very well so that you can get chicken dinner. Best ADS Sensitivity Settings are given below

  • TTP 3rd Person No Scope: 270%
  • TTP Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 218%
  • 2x Scope : 36%
  • 3x Scope Win94: 28%
  • 4x Scope, VSS: 17%
  • 6x Scope: 17%
  • 8x Scope: 12%
  • TTP Aim 40%

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People who support Gyroscope on their phones can use it. It helps to make your movement much faster. Once you are in it, you will go to the list of Best Players.

This sensitivity Setting works in such a way that you can quickly change your position or move away if you fire animosity. You can quickly knock the anime by changing the position from your anime, for that it is very important to have a gyroscope on your phone. If you want to be a pro player, then follow the rules of Best Sensitivity Settings.

  • TTP 3rd Person No Scope : 250 %
  • TTP Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist : 250%
  • 2x Scope : 250%
  • 3x Scope Win94 : 273%
  •  4x Scope, VSS 90%
  • 6x Scope 80%
  • 8x Scope 70 %
  • TTP Aim 30%


PUBG Mobile From my gaming experience, I have highlighted the Best Sensitivity Settings. As a gamer, I know how important Sensitivity is. If you want to be a pro player, you can change your settings by following the settings mentioned in these Best Settings For PUBG Mobile.

Once you get used to it, you will understand how much Sensitivity came in handy for your game. Currently, the trend of playing PUBG is increasing day by day. Boys and old people are playing this game. But those active gamers spend a lot of time behind this game.

A little bit of these settings may not do well in your game. So I hope you will apply to your own game by following the settings I mentioned. Your gaming will go to the next level.

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