Best Sniper In COD Mobile Season 10 – Top 5 Sniper Make You Pro

Call of Duty is one of the best Battle Royale Games of the present time, especially in the mobile version of Call of Duty. For COD Mobile Season 10 Top 5 Sniper which will help you to be the best gamer. If you want to be a pro player in the Call of Duty game then this list I have chosen is for you.

To this list, I have selected the best 5 Sniper rifles, which will help you to be a Pro Sniper.

Best Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile Season 10

Sniper RiflesDamageAccuracyFire RateRange
DL Q3390592899
Arctic .5085593195
M21 EBR91593590

Top 3 Sniper Guns in Call of duty – Make You Pro

Here are three of my favorite sniper rifles that I have chosen for you, which can take your game play to the next level. I have done a lot of research and put these three on top, you can choose any Sniper rifle from here if you want.

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No.1 – Locus

Locus is at the very top of the list of the best sniper rifles in my opinion because the reason is very simple.

It can do 95% damage in a single short which no other rifle can do, moreover, it can hit your target correctly which is capable of 59% targeting, and its fire rate is also great and 95 Range has forced me to put it first.

Considering all the aspects, I can call it Best Sniper for COD Mobile.

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No.2 – DL- Q33

DL.Q33 is my number two favorite list because its damage rate is 90%. The better damage you can do, the better pro gamer you can be. Destruction should be given priority to all snipers that can injure anime, and so to me, it is the second-best sniper.

And its bullets can accurately target 59% and its fire rate is 28% which is equal to Locus so it may be the best option for you. Also, you can shoot anime from a distance which is able to work your target at 99 Range.

No.3 – Outlaw

And at the bottom of my list is Outlaw, it might be the best sniper rifle for you too, if you look at my table you can see how well it aims and has a top-level damage rate, and is able to target 61% of your anime which is much more than Locus.

While Locus can achieve 59% accuracy, Outlaw has 71%, but from the 90 range, it is able to give good performance. To me, this is also the best sniper rifle for COD Mobile.

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Question For Best Sniper In COD Mobile

If you have any questions about Best Sniper above, you can let me know by commenting in my comment box. You can also let me know what you are used to using from here. I leave it up to you which one to choose from here but let me know which one you like from this list.

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