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Now when I first got my mitts on the mighty new one plus 9 Pro just ahead of the official launch it definitely was not ready for review, this shiny will bugger was one glitchy, more for so it’s no surprise that over, the last few weeks I’ve seen massive updates hit the one plus 9 Pro including dozens of fixes to the camera improvements to the power consumption.OnePlus 9 Pro Full Review-

the performance and the general stability and even though there were several updates, the biggest of these buggers was three gigs inside shown that one plus definitely still had some work to do when it comes to the one plus 9 pro’s general everyday experience.

One Plus 9 pro

but one month on things have improved and so I slapped my sim back inside the one plus 9 pro used it for the past week as my full-time personal handset and here’s my in-depth review for more than the latest and greatest deck,

Design & looks

Now the design of the one plus 9 pro is certainly nothing revolutionary sticking very close to the blueprints left Over from last year’s models, in fact,

it’s kind of like the one plus 8 pro and one plus 8t give up at a discord Tech and then had a good and this was their love child from the front end it’s basically the one plus 8 Pro, all over again with the very skinny bezels and that screen that just soft around the edges for a curved finish,

While the end is fully inherited from the one plus 8t from the end of last year complete with that camera that’s been wedged away in the corner, missed model sports a mirror finish around the back which Is cloudy up top and super shiny down below but unfortunately they kind of get whole thing

Backwards because they really should have up the good that you are touching all of the time to prevent finger smears from making a mess of it. I’ll tell you what though coming back to the one plus 9 pro after using absolute behemoth house bricks like the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra is definitely a blessed relief.

one plus 9 pro is also pretty tough thanks to the gorilla glass 5 coat and front and back with some shiny aluminium action sandwiched in between plus of course that ip68 water and dust resistance, admittedly it would have been good to see a bit of upgrade to gorilla glass action.

Certainly for that display just to add a bit of extra drop resistance in as well the scratch resistance but apart from that no complaints.

Features And OxygenOS 11 review

The software experience served up by the one plus 9 pros is as familiar as that design with android 11 once again moulded into something more customizable and feature-packed by one plus Oxygen OS launcher,

nothing notably new has been added to this 2021 handset, but all the fan favourites are present and correct including the funky canvas wallpaper tool,

which makes an abstract background of your lovely mug and eclectic ambient display options, still, not quite always-on display, the focus mode in the zen mode are also back in business, keep your eyes off the screen.

if you can bear to be away from the gram for more than a few minutes, and all those weird little bugs with Bluetooth and various other quirks that.

I experienced. A month ago seem to have been completely squashed touchwood this past week has been a blissfully bug-free experience for the in-display fingerprint sensor.

Is another winner screwing up only your digits are a good too sticky and that fierce unlock is the worthy fallback when needed, and both are faster function and reassuringly reliable I’m also still a massive fan of that alert slider as well, which is very handy when you urgently want to silence a rowdy phone.

one plus 9 pro also comes with a choice of 128 or 256 gigs of on-board, storage UFS 3.1 so nice and nippy when your transferring media opening big app all of that good stuff however one plus also stamped all over your hopes and dreams of expanding that storage via MicroSD memory card because there’s just no support as usual.

Oneplus 9 pro Display and media review

None and now one plus rarely disappoints when it comes to the media chops and sure enough this, 6.7 inch AMOLED screen is like crake for your peepers, the quad HD plus resolution means is seriously sharp, whether you’re reclining with some geeky anime shenanigans or browsing the old photo collection.

HDR Streaming is Supported on services like Netflix while colour reproduction can be tweaked to suit your tastes from nice and natural too, I love the motion smoothing feature too which make a real difference for action films,

my only real complaint is that I’m still getting quite a dark picture in Netflix compared with other streaming surfaces. even when I bump the in-app brightness to max out but it’s nothing too troublesome,

And it’s good to see that the 120hz refresh rete maximum here on one plus 9 pro is actually dynamic, it will back down again when it’s not needed in order to help preserve the battery life and on those were occasions that the sun actually penetrates that thick layer of British cloud the one plus 9 pro display is easily a match to any kind of glare on top brightness.

The curve on the one plus 9 pro is apparently a little bit less severe compared with last year’s 8 pros so it should be less affected by pain intrusion but I definitely noticed some responsiveness issues,

when I was reclining in bed or on the sofa and unwilling to shift from my horizontal state having to grip the phone that little bit hander definitely makes all the difference. and the one plus 9 pro is an oral delight now as well with respectable stereo speaker arrangement and dependable Bluetooth 5.2 streaming,

Now that the original junkiness has been dealt with and the support meant that streaming music to my realme headphone for instance was an absolutely delightful experience, really nice crisp clear detailed audio but sadly as usual bug roll headphone jack action, here the one plus 9 pros.

Specification and gaming experience

In Qualcomm’s top-end soc namely the snapdragon 888 backed by either 8 or 12 gigs of juicy ddr5 ram, this is the 12 gig model and it’s beefier than a cow pie breezing through any task and chortling confidently at any android game you chuck its way, help to no small part by the upgraded coolant tech including an expanded vapour chamber and a shag of graphite,

The likes of gentian Impact will just at a time when you boost the graphics to those max settings, and the phone definitely does get a bit toasty over time to one plus,

gaming mode may have changed its name from the Fnatic mode to just the plain old pro gaming mode, but this still does the same job blocking notifications stopping background tasks from and all your precious memory and keeping things running as smoothly as possible one plus the display’s 360-hertz touch sampling rate.

means you’ve only got your value, boss shook reactions to blame when somebody skull kid blows your mind off from 20 feet away.

And naturally, as you’d expect from any premium smartphone in 2021 you’ve got full built-in 5G support as well as a tasty bit wi-fi 6.

Oneplus 9 Pro Battery review

The battery life of the one plus 9 is good, but not great there was the occasional DIY scraped by on absolute dregs and just made it to bed with around sort of one or two per cent battery life remaining and that’s with around sort of five to six hours of screen, one the time and nothing too taxed on your a little bit of camera use a bit of media streaming but not much more,

thankfully recharging this shiny Wii slab is fast as out you’ve got the warp charge 65 t-tec on board that basically means even if it’s completely drained plug it in with the supported charger, and you’ll get a full battery again in 28 minutes.

you’ve also got warp to charge wireless support as well so if you use one plus fan-assisted wireless charger you will again get a full charge from empty in around sort of 40 to 50 minutes and I love how you can deactivate that fun from within the phone’s settings as well so for instance if you stick the phone on a wireless charger at night

before you’re about to get some keep you’re doing that thing, we’re in a way just a few feet away from your head so that’s great news too.

Oneplus 9 pro Camera review:

Oneplus 9 pro

I think it’s one of the best camera setups one plus. I mean seriously, the one plus 9 launch was how one plus has entered a three-year partnership with optics expert Hasselblad to find turn that camera performance although it’s very early days, and so far there’s no real massive evidence of hassle’s influence beyond this lovely orange shutter button in the camera.

The one plus 9 pro’s 48-megapixel Sony IMX 789 sensor can generally capture good looking photos across range conditions even dealing pretty well with strong lighting, as usual, you will notice some softer tones and detail wash out when it’s very bright deer but the pro was the winner when it comes to moving subject.

and one plus credit this is a so much faster camera when you’re literally capturing a photo half the time. and one plus completely flips the way the image comes out depending on where you’re standing. and it’s better than their past phones, this applies to the ultrawide camera too it’s fairly accepted that as you move between different camera lenses you’re going to experience some colour shift.

and last up for that 16-megapixel selfie camera this does the absolute best job for shooting your mug with a portrait mode that occasionally throws in some bonus.

We’ve got to talk about video and actually find that a lot of the traits we saw with photos, one plus has new features like dole HDR. this phone would hold its own in the video against most 2021 smartphone,  there is an interesting feature though when you get low light you can turn nightscape video.

one plus is almost trying to compensate for the lack of resolution by dialling up the contrast. but again it’s crushing the blacks,

by that way night time photos there just something very satisfying about seeing a really dark grainy scene, one plus overtakes in detail at night plus I think the colour tones on the main camera and the ultrawide as well as the phone’s ability to better control the bright sport lands it’s photos a cleaner look.

Oneplus 9 pro is the highest-end phone that one plus makes, it’s still significantly cheaper.

Price & Some Words :

This phone has been above 80,000 Taka starting price in Bangladesh. this means a much bigger budget, one plus they appear every year with expensive phones without their old budget.

But it remains to be seen what kind of benefits you are getting on such a high budget. I will say yes oneplus 9 pro 2021 flagship phone, this may be another option for you.

Finally, I say the one plus 9 pro is a really good phone.

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