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Realme 8 5G Full phone specifications And Price

You can think that the 5G phone has started to rise in the market within 15 to 20 thousand rupees. This means that only a handful of flagship phones have 5G, in the meantime realme has come up with 5G phones in mid-budget. Anyway, Realme has launched their new realme 5G  phone in India. and it is going to be the cheapest 5G phone.

Realme 8 5G

So Let’s talk about work, when you open the box you will find a case of decent quality for the phone, which will protect the phone from handprints, with documentation, a large charger but 18w with USB type-Cable, one thing I like about this phone is that it doesn’t have realme’s dear to leap branding. But the eight series phones have dear to leap branding. Simple design makes the phone look beautiful, I mean beautiful.

It has a plastic back so you have to use the phone with a case or else the handprint will be sure, many people do not like to run the phone with a case I do not, but the quality of the case is good and the case will look beautiful phone. made flats around the phone so that you can hold the phone comfortably. And this phone has made the light weigh a maximum of one hundred and eighty-seven grams,

Not everyone is lucky again because their favourite phones are a little heavy at times, which means they can’t have fun with their hands, the in-hand feel, weight or fitness of the phone is good, it will give you comfort. the realme phones is generally comfortable to hold in the hand and this is no exception.

Headphones were plugged and unplugged at the bottom of the phone, there is a 3.5 mm jack USB -C port, speaker, microphone, and the volume locker on lift hand side then the sim card tray, right on side power-on of a button, which sides mountain fingerprint sensor, let me tell you – it looks beautiful with a plastic back, if you use it without a case, the handprint will fall of crutches can also be seen used with so case.

Realme 8 5G Display :

The realme 8 5G has a 6.5- inch FSD Plus full HD plus skin with a 90 Hz fast refresh rate, six-handed nits have brightness overall decent skin. if we talk about protection in the display it has doesn’t have gorilla glass in it. but what they have used will not damage the display with small blows. the punch hole in this display could have been a highlight in 2021, The display of the phone is a comfortable size, of course, it can be seen in HD plus resolution 1080p with 90 Hz panel the phone can run smoothly.

The realme 8 that come out earlier has 60 Hz but AMOLED panel, now if you like AMOLED you can take realme  8, and if you want to take 5G with 90 Hz display then you have come to it. A lot of confusion has been created in the case of phone selection.

Specifications :

However, this is the first phone in India to bring dimensity 700 5G processor yes it is a 5G processor made of seven nanometers, oh it will actually be the same in Bangladesh, meaning the first 5G phone to come to Bangladesh which is made on dimensity 700, because the global version comes to Bangladesh, but the phone comes to the BD market a month or two after it was first launched in India.

There are only two variants of the phone, 4GB and 6GB Ram and only 128 GB ROM in the middle- no Archie, i don’t know what’s going on in the heads of the companies, the phone is in two colours, one is blue and the other is black but to me, it looks more beautiful to see the black colour phone.

With a dedicated slot for storage, you can use two sim card and a memory card, I mean we like it.  with 128 GB, you add more if you want.

Battery & Charging :

in fact that the realme 8 5G has got 5,000 milliamp hours of stuff, and 18W fast charging, however, it cannot be called a fast charger, because now 50w-65w has started using fast chargers above it. but it’s better to have 33w when it’s working.

Here they did a good job, the 5,000 milliamp battery for the powerful chipset worked really well. another thingbis that it has used some software to save its battery, as given smart 5G technology can intelligently, sense the surrounding, signal environment and “senselessly”, switch between 4G and 5G without switching time, which achieves 30% lower power consumption than phones without the smart 5G feature.

Let’s talk about Os

it has realme Ui 2.0 support which is pasted on android 11 and it will definitely be updated in the coming days. it’s the latest, of course. and it supports all types of sensors, fingerprint sensor face unlocks, the 2021 5G phone has everything you need.

Camera & Video :

They’ve taken the camera to the next level, given the triple camera setup that uses 48+2+2 and Samsung’s old sensor, however, the image quality has improved for software optimization, not to mention the old sensor optimization is the main point, no need to worry about camera quality, it works well enough, can take a natural picture, the selfie camera is fine too.

in low light, the picture may look a little different, hopefully, it will be fixed with the update. front 16mp camera it is safe to that the camera did not do well, they did well for the camera. you can record video at 90fps then solo-motion is provided, you can capture night mode pictures all in one balance package’.

Performance :

Realme 8 5G

The biggest highlight of this phone is the performance, Its power by MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor, in a word, it is a nice processor 7nm made it will serve battery life, the phone will be less hot and will give cracking performance. you can play pubg or call of duty in it in a smooth way with high settings.

even five months ago, there was no processor midrange phone with a score above 3 lakh, but this was high, but now the situation is completely different. there are phones with 5G processor in the market gaming can be cracked, these phones are occupying the market with a price of not more than 15 thousand,

those who want to buy a gaming phone at a low price, I would say close your eyes and take it, you will get perfect performance. The funny thing about this phone is that you can upgrade the ram to ti, let’s say you bought 4GB and then you can increase it up to 6 to 11 GB if you want.

phone features & Connectivity :

The phone has no notification light no FM radio, but l1 supported, that’s mean you can stream full HD live. Although no one listens to FM radio anyone, and it would be nice to have a notification light not when there is no problem. and google cam can be used well. also, you can take 5G connectivity in both the sim. it makes it easy to use 5G on your phone. another interesting thing is that it has the support of seven bands on 5G where big flagship phones support two brands, what a situation.

and the rest of the features ( DSDS 5G plus dual 4G volte/ wifi calling/dual-band wifi/ Bluetooth 5.1) now if you say you need a good phone on a low budget, honestly you have no other option but realme 8 5G.

price :

Realme 8 5G Indian price 4-128 is priced at Rs: 14,999 and the price of 8-128 is Rs:16,999 and if you want to take 6 GB of ram, then the cost will not increase.

And if this phone comes to Bangladesh. I don’t know exactly how much it will cost but based on the Indian price its price can be – 16,999 takas (4-128) and (8-128) will be 19,999 takas. but I am sure that the price in Bangladesh will be below 20,000 takas.

Last but not least, The phone is going to be the king at the midrange price. unless Xiaomi tries to compete, of course, the realme to compete Xiaomi. oh a few day’s ago Xiaomi’s Mi band 6 released you can know the specification and price, here is the link

HIGH LIGHT : MediaTek Dimensity 700 for gaming & 5G volatile

For those who love to play games, it’s going to be a the best gaming phone under 20,000. i mean it would be nothing huge because 5G gaming phone volatile at this price. all in all the phone is unstable in this price range.







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