Top 5 Video Editing Apps for Android 2021- Make Video Great

The demand for Video Editing Apps is increasing day by day. Today I give you the Top 5 Video Editing Apps for Android. One of the reasons for this is that the kind of camera and video features that mobile brands are currently bringing to the market with between ten and fifteen thousand rupees are attracting the young generation to videography.

And for that, the amount of use of video editing apps has increased, many do videography with a very good mobile but can not do well for a little editing. Again, many – can not understand which video editing apps will be good for him.

Today I will talk to you about 5 Video Editing Apps, which if used will take your video editing to the next level.

The 5 apps that I will talk about are without a doubt the best 5 video editing apps of 2021, those who use Android will be able to use these video editing apps for free.

List of video editing apps

No 1: KineMaster

KineMaster calls it the Professional Video Editor App. You will find many feature ranges in it, you can edit the video as you wish. You can import many videos at once, once you watch its tutorial from YouTube and start playing, you will not need any other video editor on your mobile.

There are some features like video cart, video trim, video speed reduction tools. Filter video flipping, these are different tools. Which can take weeks to understand and edit.

You can edit video at any frame rate and convert 4K video to 30fps. KineMaster is an app in which you will find everything. And that’s why this is one of the most powerful free video editor apps I’ve ever seen.

You will get a watermark on it. If you go for paid version by spending some money then you will have the watermark.

Download  KineMaster

No 2: Video Maker For youtube

This editing app is made for YouTubers. It’s a simple and easy app, it has everything you need to have the basics for editing. You can trim video, you can add signs. Can give background music.

In a word, these apps have everything you need for YouTube videos. It has a separate frame for YouTube as well as Instagram for video editing.

This is one of the common editing apps of 2021. You can try it.

No 3: FilmoraGo

Those of you who use computers must have heard the names filmora 9. And the mobile version of Android Editing Apps is also full of features, you can edit your video anyway you want.

It will be difficult for you to run an old app first. It may take about a week or two to understand.

I use filmoraGo myself. It’s a great and pro-level editing app. If you have a midrange phone then you must pay attention to it, it is one of the best editing apps.

Download FiloraGo

No 4: PowerDirector Video Editing Apps

Power Director is one of the video editors I know who does high-level editing. You can use free templates, you can use filters, you can control video speed, you can trim videos

By using these apps, millions of people can understand how these apps can be for you,

It can now be used on computers as well. All Over Power Director is a Heavy Editing Apps and you can see the watermark in it. However, if you go to the Pro version, there will be no watermark.

Download PowerDirector

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No 5: CapCut Video Editing Apps 


Cap cut video can be made by adding an image as well as video, it has image quality in 3D. With over a hundred feature tools, Capcut can be called the best editing apps for simple editing. You can edit the tick video from here.

You will not see any lag, these apps are simply awesome. The video can be spilt, animation can be given, there is a lot of free animation in it, you can completely remove the background from a video. You can give new background again. Read More

You can cut audio, cut audio from other videos and add it. Many filters are of good quality. You can adjust the video, that is, you can edit the video as you would edit a photo.

Download CapCut

Some additional discussion for those Video Editing Apps

I have talked about the 5 Video Editing Apps above, all of them are free but in some apps, you will see the watermark. And these apps can be run on midrange and low device mobiles. From here, you can edit the video with the Apps of your choice

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