Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Price in Bangladesh

Price Doesn’t matter! So It Really Feels like There Are two Types of Flagship Phones Nowadays, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Price in Bangladesh -you’ve got one type where the company’s kind of decided phones is capable.

A few day’s ago, Xiaomi launched their new flagship Mi 11 Ultra in China. It focuses on design or software or marketing but then you’ve got other types who are like screw that we are putting everything in it, enter the Mi11 Ultra this isn’t trying to be a good phone, it’s trying to be the best phone many can buy.

You will get some things while unboxing it, can by the box is nothing special but also, more importantly, nothing’s missing it comes with a USB-C headphone jack, adapter the standard clear case and below the phone, we get USB-C  Charging cable and a 67-watt fast charger.

Let’s get one thing out of the way not everyone is going to like the way this looks, I’ve shown the Mi11 Ultra to seven-eight people now and reactions have ranged from that’s the coolest phone I’ve ever seen to why are those so big too, it kind of looks like it’s trying to take over the world and I think the reason it’s so polarizing is that this is confident design.

It’s not trying to be a halfway house, it’s not trying to please everyone it knows what it wants to look like this case a technological behemoth and it’s running with it, the Mi11 Ultra openly leaves elegance and sophistication at the doorstep in place of an I eat Samsung’s for breakfast type aesthetic,

and I think it works it proudly flaunts its specs. the lenses are enormous the camera module, itself takes up a literal quarter of the phone and it actually isn’t as much a nuisance as I was expecting it to be,

yes it collects dust you can probably see some up top here, but because the camera module doesn’t stretch down that much it’s surprisingly out the way of fingers, and because it’s so wide instead of worsening the wobble problem like a lot of these big cameras do it solves the wobble problem.

Also, this is not glass, they’ve actually ditched it in place of ceramic. which is often considered to be v-pro material but I’m not actually completely sold on that, I think I just prefer the convenience of matte glass,

versus fingerprint city over here, and this phone was already going to be heavy the density of ceramic pushes, it further into one of the heaviest phones I’ve ever used.

it’s not been an issue for me but it has been for some of the people who I’ve handed it to, and  god help whoever accidentally drops this on their face one night, but more importantly is what this phone,

Xiaomi is trying to kill Samsung so I’m going to show you how and then I’m going to tell you why to preface this whole thing though, they’re about the same price aka a lot of money, okay have a look at s21 ultra’s display,

I feel like the word phenomenal gets thrown around a lot, but I can’t think of many things more deserving of that title, in fact, Samsung’s phones have had such good screens,

that it’s kind of just become a bit of a tradition that every time they release a new S-series phone that becomes the best display of the year until their own note series phone comes sis months or so later and improves on it,

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Display

So it’s pretty cool that I can sit here and say Xiaomi’s Mi11 series of phones break that cycle. ironically using a Samsung made panel, these are both a plus 6.8′ inch AMOLED Quad HD plus 120 hertz, gorilla glass vectors HDR 10 plus adaptive panels.

how many times did I just say plus but Xiaomi’s is even brighter mixing out at 1700 nits instead of 1500 nits, making it the brightest phone display possibly ever, it’s got a 480-hertz sample rate versus 240. that’s how fast it’s scanning for touches.

It doesn’t have a slight blue shift as you tilt the phone and Xiaomi can display 10-bit colours versus Samsung’s 8-bit, it’s not actually a 10- bit panel, but it uses a technology that simulates, having a greater colour depth, it is also quad curved so it slopes off on both the top and bottom as well, as they lift the right I guess to make gestures feel a little more seamless,

but equally, because of the only bits that aren’t now curved at the corners, I can’t shake the feeling that my phone just looks like it a really bad haircut, more fundamentally though Xiaomi has two AMOLED display,

so you might have heard of theme band 5 their last generation activity tracker, they basically took the screen of that.

and slapped it on the back of this phone and one hand this little thing doesn’t really do much already seen before from those proper dual-screen phones,

but it a still impressive that it can do many of those same things. whilst only actually being a side feature, instead of the primary gimmick and by having it, on this particular it enables something that, I think the potential to be a complete game-changer,

But I’m getting there it does also have an amazing customization suite, you can have the time and inspirational quote you can have your face on there but it’s just strange that they’ve made it. so that turns itself 30-seconds maximum because Mi I ever,

actually going to keep my phone screen down just that I can check the time fiddling around to try and double-tap this mini display on the back to wake it.

This mini display on the back to wake it probably not but providing you’re okay with the bunny ear corners, I think Xiaomi’s killed with the display.


In fact that the Mi11 ultra has got 5,000  milliamp hours of stuff, it’s just meant that I stopped thinking about it, Xiaomi goes further because it chargers, and I’ve said this before faster charging is not necessarily a good thing it  can degrade the battery, it can mane they’ve got to split one cell into multiple cells giving you a lower,

overall capacity but they’ve kind of done fast charging here in a way that circumvents, its main drawbacks like you’re still getting the same 5000 milliamp hours of capacity and roughly the same of the screen on time ( 6 hours ) in a normal day with all settings maxed out,

but instead of having a thicker battery to enable that fast charging, Mi11 ultra instead 40 minutes on full charging.


I.m watching Xiaomi’s even made it faster phone, I run the latest antutu benchmark five times  back to back and you’ll notice a few things first that Xiaomi’s does start dimming, itself extremely quickly and you can’t turn the brightness up yourself when it does that,

but also that in every benchmark Xiaomi is very clearly ahead and this is against the better performing snapdragon version the s21 ultra,

Xiaomi does reach a higher internal temperature, but it doesn’t seem to affect its ability to sustain performance, can I tell the difference when playing normal android games,

no, not really but I can imagine that anyone who’s looking to buy an ultra phone, will probably appreciate the extra three months or so of future-proofing that you might get with higher overheads like that, Xiaomi comes with twice the fast of 3.1 storage, here the big news though.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is the world Largest Smartphone Camera

Xiaomi’s latest and greatest creation for 2021 with a camera bump, the size is the moon on the back it’s a big one, many cameras by today’s standards anyway, it’s got three on the back along with a triple led flash and whole touch screen which I’ll get to, but each of these cameras on the back of this thing appears to be a world’s largest in some way.

So the primary sensor is the largest camera sensor in a smartphone, then the ultra-wide gives you the world largest field of view the widest ultrawide of any I’ve seen in a smartphone and the zoom at 120x is the biggest zoom in any smartphone so far so right off the bat on paper pretty impressive.

so all right the main camera, that is a one over one point two-inch sensor, that is really close to one inch, you know what else has a one-inch sensor the sony Rx 100, so that 50-megapixel sensor bends down to `12 megapixels has an f1.95 aperture and is,

now the question is can this phone with the RX 100, the answer is still mostly no because that glass does make a huge difference to a photo, but that huge sensor does deliver a certain look, and that look is high detail and shallow depth of field all the time.

The cinematic video is really more of a byproduct of background blur but the point is the benefits of it are far-reaching, as you can probably see I could spend a long time talking about this camera system because there is so much going on, but the high-level summary is this, for the most par

t, the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra cameras trade blows with Samsung, this thing can shoot 8k video on all three of its lenses, even if that is more for bragging rights than anything practical,

Its slow-motion is not just twice as slow but better quality and its ultrawide camera are superiorly wide noticeably more than its counterparts.

you can take face shorts with not just the largest sensor, you can get on a phone right now, this might just be the highest definition I’ve ever seen myself in,

but also the ultra-wide camera which compared to how narrow most front-facing cameras are feeling extraordinarily wide you, get unprecedented low light performance and crazy zoom too if you wanted that because of how it’s configured you can’t take portrait mode shots with this,

It doesn’t really work in social apps and the only way to take video. is through a bit of a workaround and it’s capped at 15 seconds,

it’s 15 glorious seconds don’t get me wrong but why Xiaomi limit it like this, why Xiaomi spend all money that designing one of the greatest phone camera system ever,

spend all that time developing and improving these software modes give you that second screen to be able to utilize them on the font, but then prevent you from doing that everything’s in place the hardware is here the software’s here,

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra price in Bangladesh

This phone has been 1,22,000 Price in Bangladesh. considering the budget, it will be a great phone.

Xiaomi has the king of won and that’s amazing, I’m also not the least bit surprised by this result, because I’m convinced that the only reason this means 11 ultra exists is to beat the s20 ultra it’s as if the entire philosophy behind it was to match every specification and go to further wherever they realistically could,

you have got a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen with 1440 by 3200 resolution so do we but ours is brighter,

you have got five thousand million power battery capacity, would you look at that so do we ask chargers faster, you have to get 960fps super slow motion well that’s cute.

So Mi 11 Ultra new benchmark.

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